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What’s important to you in life? Is it love, friendship, success, having things or helping others? Have you ever thought about this? What do you value most? Is it material, is it emotional or does it have a voice? When you think of what you would like to accomplish and achieve in life, does it involve helping others? Are you a crowd chaser, or do you, with all of your quirkiness, stand alone? Are you a leader or a follower? Does it bother you what others say about you? Do you value the opinion of others over that of your own, or those who love you most? Do you participate in wrong doing--knowingly, or do things just to fit? Do you ask questions when you don’t understand, or do you remain silent, fearing you'll be judged for asking what you've deemed, a dumb question? Do you go along to get along? How would someone characterize you? Are you honest or are you ok with living in the gray area? Are you respectful? Do you follow rules? Are you obedient? I know you’ve just been hit with a lot of questions, and must be thinking about the answers to all or some. Are you a giver or a taker? Are you selfish, or do you consider others needs over your own?

Whatever your answers are, just know we are all faced with the same questions. Questions are healthy, as they they help us to understand our character, and to think about situations we may not have considered. The key is, if you don’t have the answers or find that you are not happy with the answers, there is still time to change them. Change is growth. Let’s grow! Get in tune with yourself, and meditate on those things that are lovely and kind. Be confident in yourself and trust that it’s our differences that make us special. Be a leader in life, and kind with your words. Most importantly, remember that some of the smartest people ask lots of questions.

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