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Sticks and stones....

Have you ever heard the term, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” What happens if the sticks and stones hurt, but the words hurt more? Have you ever thought about this? We all know that when words are used as a weapon, they can HURT! How do you respond to biases and narratives, created to hurt you? Interestingly, we've all either encountered--or will encounter this at some point in our lives. The most important thing to remember is regardless of what anyone says about you, whether it be your character, how you're dressed, your diction, how you articulate your thoughts into words, the way you comb your hair, your attire, who you choose to befriend and hang with, or how you stand up for yourself, you are a rockstar, who’s light is shinning so bright, that it's blinding the nay sayers, disguised as friends, family or loved ones. Their insecurities are a deflection of your greatness. That’s right! I said it:

YOUR greatness! Some of the hardest lessons in life are to pay attention when someone shows you who they are. Believe them; follow your first mind, it’s usually right. When in doubt, don’t be! It’s ok to stand apart even if your decision is not popular to most.

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