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Teen Resource Marketplace

We've teamed-up with some of our favorite organizations, to assist with your needs. 

Going To Surf

Seasonal Fun

Got plans?  Find out what programs are available near you.  Follow the link, and select "Programs", "Teens & Young Adults". 


  College Board

Unlock your potential and explore college opportunities for free!


Common Sense Media

Discover the best movies, games and apps for teens - all parent-approved and ready for you to explore.


Embrace Your Beauty

Build unshakable confidence -Join the Dove Self Esteem Project. All it takes is a one Click!


Teen Housing

Homeless youth resources near you and for you or someone you may know in need of support.

Women Playing Tennis


Are you a student athlete and/or preparing for college?  Click below for scholarship information for everyone. 


     Academic   Support

Reach new heights with comprehensive online courses and resources, designed to help you succeed in math, science and beyond!

Girl Gazing

Self Help

Need help? There are trustworthy experts standing by.


Healthy Love Hub

Empower yourself with love and respect - Click to discover healthy relationship resources.


Teen Line

A confidential teen-to-teen helpline and resources for mental health support.


Transform your Communication Skills

Looking to break out of your shell and learn to speak from the heart? Click for resources to help you find your authentic voice.


Free Learning

Embark on an unparalleled learning adventure! Click now to access a vast array of free educational resources and unleash your full academic potential.


Financial Literacy

Level up your financial literacy and explore interactive modules, videos, and articles to learn how to navigate personal finances with confidence!



Good health is essential.  A positive path forwad is just a click away!


Girls & Sports

Do you love sports or being active? Click below to connect with an organization that's geared towards helping girls and woman realize thier full atheletic potential.

scholar athlete scholarships

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