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Introducing our indulgent Strawberry Lemonade Sugar Body Scrub by Mandatory Midtime Company.

Gently exfoliating your skin with fine sugar crystals, it reveals a brighter complexion while deeply hydrating for irresistibly smooth and supple skin.

The captivating scent of strawberries and lemons uplifts your senses, achieved with high-quality essential oils. Not just for the body, it's perfect for scrubbing hands clean too. Packaged beautifully, it makes a great gift for the BFF, cousin, birthday gift or just because gift.

Crafted with natural ingredients, our scrubs come in BPA-free jars with silver aluminum lids made in the USA. Treat yourself or someone special to this irresistible indulgence and experience transformative skincare.

Strawberry Lemonade Sugar Body Scrub 4oz

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