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A New Day

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

I sometimes wonder if it’s just me, but have you ever found yourself in a situation, thinking you had all the answers, and later determined that you really didn’t--and actually made the situation worse?  Funny thing is, you pacify yourself saying "It’s ok" or, “It’s cool”, when deep down inside you’re hurt. The funnier thing is, you may even repeat the same behavior that got you into the situation to began with.   So, does this mean we should question our decision making skills? Are we stupid, silly, crazy or gullible?  Or--could it be we’re just hopeful? Perhaps we're hopeful in our decision making, that one day, doing what we do, will warrant a different response or outcome. Maybe....maybe not. What I know for sure is that one day you’ll wake up and say to yourself....” Today is the day I'll do something different; I’ll try a little harder, I’ll get help if I need it". I'll also say to myself "I'm a work in progress, I'm OK with who I am." That will be the day--a new day, another chance to try again. In doing this, we'll start trusting ourselves more and slowly begin to forget about the mistakes made and the situations that hurt us.

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