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Count It All Joy

I recently heard an audio message titled,

” What to do when there’s nothing you can do, it is what it is and you do not like what it is.”

I was captivated by the title, so of course I couldn’t wait to hear the message. The theme of the message was “count it all joy, all that you’re going through!” Interesting, right? I couldn’t help but think how easy this sounds, but yet when faced with life’s challenges, it often times feels really hard to do.

You catch my drift?

Well, what I will say… Is that sometimes when faced with life challenges (I know I’ve said this before), what feels like torture, pain, agony, and stress, can actually be your greatest gift!

Yep, I said it! A gift!

You see, trials help to build character, integrity, resilience, belief in yourself, faith, and trust amongst other things.

So yes! Count it all joy, all that you’re going through. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you will get through it, trust me.

There’s a song that I once heard by recording artist, BeBe and CeCe Winans titled, “Count it all Joy.”

As the song goes, “ Count it all joy, all that you’re going through, even when you’re feeling down. Count it all joy, each moment’s a gift to you, so turn it all around. If you look hard enough, there's a trace of sunlight waiting there, waiting there for you.”

So Dolls, I challenge you to find sunshine in the rain, color in the rainbow, relief in the pain, love during a heart ache, beauty in scars, energy in tiredness and faith when you can not see the outcome.

Just know that it takes a lot of pressure to create diamonds and you are worth every moment.

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