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Why Grace?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

There are times in life when things happen that we don’t necessarily understand and are often times hurt or left disappointed. Sometimes these things may leave a negative lasting effect on us. We also may experience things that we feel we don’t deserve and we do things to other people that they may not have necessarily deserved. This leaves a feeling of being wronged, ostracized, abused, misunderstood, talked about negatively, and then you’ll hear a wise person say “give Grace.” Give Grace?!?

Allow me to be the first to say that the word alone sounds really hard to do and most people miss the mark with it’s meaning and intent. So, I thought it was important to understand the term Grace or what it meant to show Grace to others. When we show grace to others, it’s about showing kindness to someone even when they don’t deserve it. Showing grace means being kind, giving compassion or doing the right things by others even when it makes you feel somewhat frustrated and it’s not appreciated or reciprocated.

But don’t be surprised! Everyone doesn’t show or know how to show Grace to others. As we continue to navigate through life, we should remember to show Grace and give Grace to others. When we do, we are merely giving to others what our parents, grandparents, people who love us give us daily.

What I mean is, sometimes we do things that are just not right… however, grace is given to us, because we don’t get what we deserve as a result of our wrongdoings or actions. Thank Goodness! Can you imagine all the consequences we would have to face?

Is it starting to make sense now?

So my point is, don’t grow weary with doing the right thing, just simply exercise Grace to others. Because when we do, we receive Grace in return - double times over. So don’t allow Grace to become another word in your vocabulary, try exercising it sometimes.

Doing the right things can be hard, but it’s always a good time to be the bigger person and show Grace - and Doll while your at it, be sure to give yourself some Grace. Besides, the world needs it.

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